Thursday, August 23, 2012

Short and Long Gloves

Fingerless, actually. I have not tried anything with fingers yet... but it's on my to do list  :)
I loooooooooooooooooooooove fingerless gloves. Truth be told I had no idea they even existed until I started to crochet and now I'm an addict. Unfortunately every pair I've made so far has gone to someone else. This year I need to make a pair of my own... And I already have the perfect crazy rainbow yarn on hold for them.
One piece of advice for those new to crochet. The exact number of stitches and gauge on my hats doesn't really matter, you can see as your working how big a hat is going to be and change the pattern accordingly... NOT so with gloves. I mean, you could if you wanted to but then you'd have to remember to do the exact same thing again for the other one. With gloves they HAVE to match so be careful to follow patterns when making these.
This first pattern is a short one. Pretty simple and I liked them a lot.
The second one is longer and my favorite glove pattern to date. I've made it several times. I WILL be using this pattern when I make my own gloves this year. I just love it  :)
These patterns are not mine. You can find the short glove HERE and the long glove HERE

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