Friday, August 17, 2012

Scary Panda

I was excited when my sister Katey asked me for a panda hat. They are so cute and I new it'd be a fun pattern to work with. This pattern started out cute. I didn't follow it completely, the pattern I'm linking to has earflaps and braids and my sister didn't want those so I made it a normal beanie. It was so cute when I sent it to her.
But she didn't like the pupils so she cut them out and sent this photo to me... I think it looks way creepier but at least she's happy  :) 

This pattern is not mine. You can find it HERE
Oh and a fun tip. I have made this pattern another time and I did it with other colors besides black and white and it really made for a fun hat. I had a rainbow yarn in place of the black and a neon green in place of the white. The rainbow braids looked so cool! It was very trippy and very fun... sorry I forgot to take photos before I sent it off  :(

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