Saturday, August 11, 2012

Project fail

I am not perfect. Not even close I make mistakes a lot and they are even more noticeable when I crochet or knit. I thought it'd be fun to start of this blog (and I'm sure I'll post way more as this blog progresses) with one of my "failed" projects.
First up is the Floppy Crochet Hat. I found this project on ravelry (LOVE THEM) and at the time I had no idea how to do a single crochet. I really thought I did but I discovered later that I did it wrong. I can't even tell you what my version of a single crochet was. It sort of looks like I did a weird combination of chains and slip stitches but I'm really not sure. Thankfully I have forgotten and I've been doing it right ever since :)  
With my original version of the single crochet, I followed the pattern perfectly and it ended up full of holes and being rather tight (not floppy at all) on top and the bottom is big and boring since I didn't know the difference, or I ignored the front stitch and back stitch part of the pattern.

For those who are curious, I still have the fail hat... my daughter still wears it in public too :) And I have not gone back and made a new one but I am definitely adding it to my project list.

This is not my pattern. You can find out what this hat was supposed to look like by checking out the pattern HERE

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