Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Star Bag Whoopsie

This post is really late. I swear I thought I had posted this before but I guess I forgot. I was chosen to help test a pattern for Julie from Gleeful Things. It’s a star bag and I was so excited because I LOVE the star hat she made and I had never made a bag before. This pattern is AMAZING! Seriously, I love it.
I knew right away that I was going to make a Halloween bag. I am obsessed with it after all  :)  I picked out my fabric first and made the interior of the bag. I used two fabrics, one that would show in the interior and one that would peak out from under the yarn. I loved it! The first yarn I started out with a rainbow color but then because of bad planning I ran out half way through.October 26, 2012 (22)
I wasn’t going yarn shopping anytime soon (I live in the middle of nowhere and going to the yarn store is a big deal) so I switched to a solid purple yarn. I was bummed that I had to switch colors but it turned out awesome! Check it out:
StarBag (1)StarBag (2)StarBag (3)
I first used the bag to hold yarn and hooks for my current projects. It was wonderful until I accidentally poured hot wax all over it  :(  Well after getting all the wax off, I threw it into the washer… Now this was my big Whoopsie. It turns out I didn’t prewash the fabric (rookie mistake, I know,  I’m so embarassed) and the bag came out of the dryer all distorted. The fabric had shrunk and the yarn had stretched. There was a good nine inch gap between the bottom of the fabric bag and the bottom of the crocheted bag.
Lucky for me, I am a very resourcefull girl. I got out my seam ripper and separated my bags. The exterior is now used to hold all of my winter hats (we have a LOT) this bag is awesome and huge! I haven’t even stuffed it full yet, there is plenty more room.October 26, 2012 (26)
And my fabric bag will soon be reunited with the original yarn I had intended  :)
October 26, 2012 (25)October 26, 2012 (23)
To check out this seriously awesome pattern, go HERE

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